Our Services

Fundraising Assistance

We help set up NO-FEE fundraising pages to cover medical and living expenses.

Home Needs Coordination

Our interactive online calendar provides auto reminders to volunteers who want to help and remain engaged.

Resource Referrals

We guide families through the maze of services available.

Family Updates

We keep friends informed so parents can focus on what is most important, their sick child and family.

Our Services

Our services begin at diagnosis, when a family realizes their life, as they know, it will no longer revolve around school activities, socializing, work and soccer games but instead it will be focused on understanding their child’s condition, navigating treatment options and resources while attempting to maintain a job as well as a sense of normalcy at home.

Home Needs Coordination

50% of caregivers indicate that they do not have time for themselves, nor do they get enough sleep.

Our goal is to avoid the mental and physical exhaustion often experienced by the caregiver and family after a cancer diagnosis.

Different paths

Our Family Care Coordinators will:

  • Conduct a needs assessment and intake
  • Connect families with resources they never knew existed
  • Set-up online care community activities:
    • Errands
    • Child care
    • Grocery shopping
    • Household chores
    • Yard work
    • Pet care
    • Transportation
    • Fundraising events
  • Meal coordination
    • Set-up meal schedule
      • Communicate dietary needs and preferences
      • Provide recipe and meal suggestions
      • Procure local restaurant gift cards
      • Offer recipe websites for special dietary requirements
      • Customized meal recommendations

Baby getting cancer treatment

  • Suggest Ways to help a family even from a distance
    • Gas cards
    • Restaurant cards
    • Grocery Store cards
    • Amazon wish list
    • Special needs (like air purifiers, etc)
    • Donate to family’s fund

 Fundraising Assistance

“Cancer patients with insurance, spend about a third of their household income on out-of-pocket health-care costs outside of insurance premiums. Even as insurance coverage has expanded, deductibles and copays on policies have risen, leaving patients to shoulder more of the financial burden for their health care.”
Dr. Fumiko Chino
Financial Toxicity of Cancer Care
JAMA Oncology

Here to Serve harnesses the community’s help to ease the devastating financial impact of a cancer diagnosis of a child or a young parent with school-aged children in the home. Here to Serve:

  • Promotes fundraising events
  • Coordinates with local businesses who provide financial assistance
  • Sets up a “fee-free” crowdfunding page that looks and operates like a Go Fund Me page
  • Helps identify foundations to financially support families during a medical crisis
  • Provides resources to help with co-pays and prescription drugs

 Family Updates

Family Care Coordinators stay in touch with families throughout their journey communicating to friends and loved ones via the family’s Care Community about:

  • Status or changes in the child or parent’s condition
  • Struggles the family faces emotionally, financially and with their own health
  • Specific needs the family has
  • Spiritual community support

Our goal is to compassionately assist families with a flow of information joining with friends, neighbors, and loved ones who wish to help provide tools to be effective and organized in their support while being respectful of the family’s privacy and need to have undisturbed time alone.

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 Resource Referrals (External Resources)

Here to Serve Family Care Coordinators help families navigate and demystify the variety of nonprofit, professional, and business services available. They:

  • Respond to family’s urgent, unforeseeable needsPost-it notes on computer
  • Design plans and identify and secure service providers that meet the family’s needs
  • Help families/caregivers apply for and receive services including financial assistance, transportation (ground/air) lodging, respite, wish requests and more
  • Provide referrals to counseling services for medical and/or legal advice.
  • Match families with Informed and sensitive volunteers who themselves have gone through life-and-death crises (when possible)
  • Provide referrals to professional mental health counselors who are free or offer a sliding scale payment for services
  • Offer tools to organize and compile medical, insurance and legal information
  • Offer volunteers who provide individualized spiritual support
  • Books and informational materials (spiritual, practical and encouragement) resource list

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