National Minority Cancer Awareness Month: Is the Battle Tougher for Minority Kids?

Minority Cancer Awareness Month Is the Battle Tougher for Minority Children Who Get Cancer? April is National Minority Cancer Awareness Month, and no better time to discuss how cancer disproportionately affects minorities. There are differences in the number of new cancer cases and cancer outcomes. Disparities more often negatively affect racial and ethnic minorities, poor, […]

Fun Ways to Entertain Your Child During Cancer Treatment

“I’m bored!” How many times have you heard those words from your child(ren)? In a world of smartphones, with entertainment options literally at one’s fingertips, how is it possible to ever be bored? However, we hear this from our children all too often. As a parent of a cancer child, we have limited options to […]

“I’m Here Too!” Help for Siblings of Children with Cancer

As a child, your family is your world; they provide comfort, security, and a daily routine. What if one day, that emotional protection was torn away without warning? What would you do? How would you cope? When a cancer diagnosis occurs in a family with multiple children, the focus will shift immediately to the sick […]

Disposal of Unused Medications After Cancer

You are on the other side of your child’s cancer, from cancer fighter to cancer survivor! You are cautiously elated cancer will not own each day from now on and look forward to getting life back to “normal.”  You no longer want your home to resemble a drugstore with cabinets full of unused cancer pills, […]

What Is a Parent to Do with a Picky Eater Undergoing Chemo?

A warning most parents receive after their child is diagnosed with cancer is to avoid sugar! This can be hard to do for a child who often loses their appetite during cancer treatment. Parents are caught between giving their child what they should eat versus what they are willing to eat, thereby, providing enough calories […]

East Meets West: Integrative Medicine and Childhood Cancer

You just received the worst news any parent can hear…your child has cancer, and now you have to poison your child to cure it! You want what is best and it feels like there are no other treatment choice than chemo because outcomes are quantifiable, tested, and have a history of curing cancer. You are […]

Meditation Relieves Stress During Cancer Treatments

Meditation can provide important benefits to cancer patients and caregivers, including stress relief during uncertain times. Cancer patient Jed Surdyk reflects, “Meditation compels relaxation, but cancer typically does not. It’s a contradiction in terms until you realize that cancer and meditation go hand in hand.” A relaxed mind helps relax your body. “If you view […]

Nutrition for Children with Cancer and Their Families

National Nutrition Month is the perfect time to talk about how caregivers can provide the best nutrition for children undergoing cancer treatment. Let’s separate fact from fiction, check sources carefully, and read between the lines regarding food and nutrition. The Power of Fruits and Vegetables! “It is now widely believed that the actions of the […]

Home Activities for Cancer Kids During Covid

As the pandemic continues and children remain stuck inside, do you find yourself running out of ways to provide healthy and fun things to do? In this information age, it is just too easy to let kids zone out with video games and spend too long in front of computer screens or television without much […]

Online Childhood Cancer Research – Who Can You Trust?

Once your child has been diagnosed with cancer, what’s the first thing most parents do after the shock sets in? You guessed it, research! A childhood cancer diagnosis creates a stressful time in a family’s life. It is natural to want to seek out help quickly to find answers to important questions. Parents are looking […]