I Feel Your Pain

Crisis is upon you… A loved one is fighting for their life. So many people may want to help, but they don’t know what to do. Understanding the emotional volatility of a caregiver and their family is a good starting place. The Human Side of Caregiving Taking care of someone you love who is dealing […]

We Are Here to Serve

Here to Serve is a non-profit group is dedicated to making a difference in the lives of the terminally ill, their caregivers and their family. More families are finding themselves in a situation where they are the only people who can give the proper care of family members with serious life-threatening conditions or old age. […]

About Here to Serve’s Advisory Board Member Dr. Judith Sato, MD

Here to Serve is proud to have one of the nation’s top cancer doctors on its advisory board, Dr. Judith Sato. She not only brings medical knowledge, but first hand experience working with parents who face the difficult situation of caring for a child afflicted with the disease. Not only is Dr. Sato a physician […]

Our Inspiration: Paul M. Alindog-Bouvier

Though cancer took his left arm, Paul M. Alindog-Bouvier is remembered by his friends for his enduring faith and for doing more with his right arm than most people with both arms. Stricken with cancer for eight years, Paul would study and prepare for his classes and exams during his chemotherapy sessions. He did not […]

Our Inspiration: Jessica Grace Mastan

A promising athlete, 12-year-old Jessica Grace Mastan was struck with a pain in her hip after falling during a soccer game. She was diagnosed with a rare and aggressive bone cancer, Ewing’s sarcoma. The five months she spent in chemotherapy failed to treat her condition. She faced a decision that could save her life, but […]

Caring for the Caregiver

In situations where one deals with a seriously ill family member, there’s rarely any discussion of their own well-being during the ordeal. It’s understandable. With the challenges an ill family member faces, caregivers see any inconvenience as small and insignificant. However, there is a personal and emotional toll for that kind of personal and around […]

Why We Serve

Though the explosion of entertainment, smartphones and internet access brings convenience and options only dreamed of only 10 years ago, it’s also disconnected us from our neighbors and community that would have, in the past, helped in times of need.  The journey a family must take when their child experiences a critical illness is often overlooked, […]

EEOC Vows to Defend Employment Rights of Caregivers

In a public meeting, the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission heard experts testify as to the discrimination caregivers face in the workplace. More than 40 percent of American workers have given care to a family member or friend in the last five years, and almost half will be in the position of caregiver in the […]

About Here to Serve’s Advisory Board Member Melanie Sauer-Beegle

As director of business operations for Southern California Public Radio, an affiliate of National Public Radio, and consultant to non-profit children’s and theater groups, Melanie Sauer-Beegle’s financial expertise is welcomed on Here to Serve’s advisory board. Sauer-Beegle’s background is an eclectic mix of education, management and non-profit causes. Though her bachelor’s degree is in accounting, […]

Caring for Ill Family Members a Source of Anxiety for Women

A Forbes news item found that 66 percent of both black and white women are worried about caring for sick family members. Though Hispanics were not included in the study, a 2008 report found that one-third of Hispanic households had at least one caregiver under its roof, 75 percent of which were women. The reliance […]