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In Memory of:

Silvio Quintas and Dr. Philip Carlson

Silvio QuintasSilvio Quintas
Dr. Philip CarlsonDr. Philip Carlson

Gone too soon but in our hearts forever! In memory of these two incredible men whose lives and hard work made Here to Serve a reality, we dedicate our organization’s efforts going forward to make Here to Serve a self-sustaining, vital organization that supports families in medical crisis in practical ways. Both Sil and Phil were instrumental in Here to Serve coming into being. Silvio Quintas was a co-founder along with Katie Quintas and Dr. Philip Carlson was our first founding board member. Both were lost to complications of cancer, Silvio in 2014 and Phil in 2015, but not before making a tremendous impact on Here to Serve.

Phil was both a medical doctor and Pastor. When Katie Quintas first considered the idea of a nonprofit to help families in medical crisis who do not qualify for government assistance, she shared her idea with Silvio and Phil. Both were absolutely convicted that Here to Serve should come into existence. Phil, as a pastor and medical doctor, felt so strongly about Here to Serve he offered to be our first board member to encourage Katie and Sil to move forward with their vision! Quite a commitment from a man who had a church he was pastoring, a newly-formed medical practice, and a family with four children including a special needs daughter! Silvio, who was a middle school teacher at an at-risk school district, found time to be a consummate fundraiser putting on events and bringing in most of our largest donations when we started Here to Serve. Silvio would not let the threat of our own personal financial instability stop us from moving forward with Here to Serve. He took on the job of fundraiser insatiably sharing our vision with remarkable enthusiasm and purpose.

Both these incredible men were Here to Serve and Katie Quintas' biggest cheerleaders and their loss is devastating on so many levels. There is not one day that goes by that the huge hole in our organization, and in my heart is not felt. Phil officiated over Sil's memorial service only for Phil to join Sil in heaven less than two years later. Hearts are shattered but not our resolve to continue the legacy these two noble men helped start. I can almost hear them both shouting not to give up, give in, or turn away from the vision they so believed in. Both committed their lives to the highest good we can achieve on earth...serving others. Rest in peace my sweet love Sil and dear friend Phil. Heaven is a richer more magnificent place with both of you there.