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You Make a Difference

To truly help someone in medical crisis it takes a community of friends, loved ones, neighbors, coworkers, acquaintances and even people we may not know.  Until you have been through a life-altering medical crisis it is hard to imagine the challenges it brings.  We encourage you to get involved and give someone a lift up so they can face their new reality with renewed hope, courage and faith in the goodness of friends, neighbors and their community at large. 

 There are so many ways you can help.  If you know the person in medical crisis suggest they contact Here to Serve or you can Contact Us on their behalf and we can set up a care community for them as well as identify other support services to help.  Then join the care community we set up for them and help provide meals, child care, transportation, household chores, yard work, grocery shopping, care for pets or run errands. If you live at a distance, you can stay in touch and send well wishes through the Care Community, donate to Here to Serve so we can provide the assistance you cannot, and/or inspire others to get involved. 

If you wish to help our organization so we can provide assistance to more patients and families can also become a volunteer at one of our fundraisers, procure auction items, be a service researcher, or provide technical or database support, give of your talents in graphic design, video production, community relations as a Here to Serve Ambassador.  You can also volunteer to be a care coordinator (you must qualify for this position) to help other families in medical crisis.  There are literally endless ways to help. 

If you want to make a difference and engage one-on-one with the people you wish to support, Here to Serve allows you to do that! Just click on the "Volunteer!" button below.


Volunteer of The Month

Kevin George

Kevin George

Kevin has shown an unyielding passion for Here to Serve and this has made him our most valuable and committed volunteer yet!  He has stood by and supported the Founder and CEO as an advocate, encourager, sounding board, campaigner, activist and most importantly as a friend!

Not only has Kevin volunteered hundreds of hours to our cause, but he also has donated his time, talent AND treasure!

He helped construct a basketball net for a patient who celebrated his last Christmas with his family, spoken at civic organizations, represented Here to Serve at events and mixers, joined committees, procured auction items, inspired other volunteers to join in, worked tirelessly for and at our events raising much-needed funds and ultimately joined our board as our community liaison.