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Who We Serve

Individuals and/or Families in need of  supportive volunteers 
This includes families who are caring for a loved one with a life-threatening illness with little or no help where the stress level being placed on primary caregiver(s) is unhealthy.
Individuals and/or Families with lots of supportive volunteers
Here to Serve assists families by streamlining the flow of communication between an established group of caregivers/volunteers. Using web-based technology provided by our partner Lotsa Helping Hands, Here to Serveacts in the role of gatekeeper for the family and care recipient by ensuring that needs are clearly and continuously communicated and that care is provided where needed.

Who We Serve

Here to Serve helps families with children living in the home who either have a parent/caregiver or child going through a life-threatening health crisis. People who have lives defined by the economic and social conditions mentioned below have most need of our services.

Very high risk (15%) 

High risk (60%) – Those families who earn below $100,000 per year including making $1+ more than government support programs that assist with housing, food, child care, medical insurance etc. These families are considered middle class families.

Moderate risk (15%) – Intact families with financial means above $100,000 but below $200,000, with two working spouses.

Low risk (10%) – Intact families who earn more than $200,000 per year, with two working spouses.