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Here to Serve's Care Coordinators create partnerships to help those who experience tragic, health crises such as the diagnosis of a life-threatening disease such as cancer, or an infant born prematurely or with life-threatening medical issues, an accident or violent crime that causes severe bodily injury. Care Coordinators guide families through the maze of services, manage Care Communities, help friends and loved ones who want to be involved have the best tools to organize their efforts, manage and organize associated paper work, respond to emergencies, and constantly assimilate new information to better assist individuals, families and their caregivers.

If benefits and services are to be sustained for extended periods of time, Care Coordinators must design plans and identify and secure service providers that meet long-term goals. As family members assume new roles, Care Coordinators devote themselves to problem solving, helping family members or friends who want to be involved, advocating, identifying service providers in conjunction with Research Coordinators, managing Care Communities, and fostering a partnership with families and caregivers. The ultimate goal is to create a stable environment for patients and families in medical crisis.

List of Service Offerings

  • Care Coordinators who set up and administer Here to Serve's Care Communities (powered by Lotsa Helping Hands), spearhead themselves OR coordinate with family and friends who wish to take a leadership role in helping mobilize and organize volunteers for meals, child care, household chores, pet care, yard work, grocery shopping, running errands and transportation assistance.
  • Care Communities (powered by Lotsa Helping Hands) on Here to Serve's website provide free, private group calendars specifically designed to organize friends, neighbors and loved ones to help, as well as provide medical updates that are automatically emailed to community members with updates on the condition of the critically ill loved one, resources and ways volunteers can help, and opportunities for friends and neighbors to send well wishes. Click here for demo!
  • Research Coordinators to compile available nonprofit or low-cost services tailored to the needs of each patient and family. 
  • Care Coordinators to help families, individuals and caregivers apply for and receive services recommended by Research Coordinators.
  • Referrals to counseling services for medical and/or legal advice either at no cost or low cost.
  • Informed and sensitive volunteers who themselves have gone through life-and-death crises matched with individuals and families in similar crisis (when possible).
  • Referrals to professional mental health counselors who are free or offer a sliding scale payment for services.
  • Systems and products to organize and compile medical, insurance and legal information. 
  • Volunteers who can provide individualized prayer support for and with those in crisis.
  • Books and informational materials (spiritual, practical and encouragement) resource list. 

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