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How We Work

We build a sense of community while mitigating suffering by alleviating a portion of the stress and emotional turmoil that goes along with major health crises.

At Here to Serve, "care" is defined as non-medical/non-clinical support you would provide if a friend asked you for help. This includes making meals, helping with child care and house work, running errands or mowing the lawn, as well as direct support including providing respite for primary caregivers or assisting with transportation. Here to Serve does not offer medical services. However, we do refer families to a full range of service resources in their community including other nonprofits and help them obtain those services. Not all the 2,500 plus organizations in our database are listed in our Resources section of the website.  We only list a few of the many resources we have identified. We also work with businesses to provide products and services the family may need.

Care Coordinators

Caregivers who manage tragic health events find it difficult to predict impending needs unless they have gone through a similar medical crisis.  Here to Serve's Care Coordinators help demystify assistance programs and organizations, as well as mobilize and manage care community members and resources. Our Care Coordinators identify, intercede, navigate, and provide guidance with support services, as well as organize, encourage and keep friends, neighbors and loved ones informed who wish to help.  We engage care community members to provide assistance with day-to-day tasks that stand in the way of focusing on the wellness of your loved one in medical crisis.  Often friends wish to help but don't understand this may be a long journey.  So what looks like an incredible amount of support early on can simply drift away as time goes on and people get busy with their own lives.  This can come as a shock to the patient and family who feels physically and emotionally supported as they start their difficult medical journey only to find their lifeline of friends slowly disappearing as time goes on.  That is why having a care coordinator to encourage and keep people engaged becomes a critical point of care as time goes on.

Care Communities

Within our website, in partnership with Lotsa Helping Hands who powers our Care Communities, Here to Serve coordinates non-medical assistance with meals, child care, household chores, errands, yard work, pet care, grocery shopping and transportation for individuals and their families through our Care Communities. Our partner, Lotsa Helping Hands, has developed online technology that allows for the creation of private Care Communities with features to coordinate volunteer activities for families in need.  In a continuing effort to lift the burdens of patients and their families and provide additional client-specific programming, Here to Serve administers these Care Communities instead of laying additional burdens on family and friends!  We also work with family members and friends who wish to spearhead support efforts by giving them tools to be productive with their time as they engage with the family to help them.  Click here to see how Here to Serve's Care Communities (powered by Lotsa Helping Hands) keep friends and loved ones informed and involved.