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Challenges Facing Caregivers

couple-w-babyIncreasing numbers of individuals in our society find themselves dealing with serious life-threatening health conditions.  Help is required to address not only the needs of individuals in medical crisis, but their family and caregiver. In a study of 500 caregivers conducted by Family Caregiver Alliance, 90% found caregiving to be frustrating, draining, and painful. They also reported caregivers have increased stress within their families and have made substantial financial sacrifices. Half reported that their own health had deteriorated since becoming caregivers.

Research has shown that 50% of caregivers indicate that they do not have time for themselves, nor do they get enough sleep. A third reported they were near burnout or experienced symptoms of depression. Additional studies have shown that caregivers have a 63% higher risk of mortality than others, even when adjusted for chronic disease and other risk factors. Some caregivers have died before the recipients in their care.

These statistics are further driven by financial and social conditions. Learn more about Who We Serve to fully grasp how difficult it is for individuals, families and caregivers who face traumatic health crisis without coordinated assistance from the community of friends, family, coworkers, businesses and nonprofit organizations.

During a traumatic health crisis caregivers are often unable to predict impending needs and this can cause unforeseen stress as time goes on.  Caregivers need support demystifying assistance programs, services and nonprofit organizations, as well as mobilizing and managing volunteers and resources.  Here to Serve provides personalized service and an understanding of impending needs thereby helping to avoid mental and physical exhaustion often experienced by the caregiver and family.

About Us


Here to Serve is dedicated to Silvio and Bryan QuintasJessie Mastan, and Paul Alindog who exhibited unimaginable courage, faith and dignity in their life-and-death health battles. Because of these valiant warriors Here to Serve strives to make a difference in the lives of individuals, families and their caregivers in medical crisis.

Our Mission

We believe families with a critically-ill child should not have to lose their job, health, home or enter into bankruptcy to care for their child during a medical crisis. Therefore, we mobilize people and resources to meet daily living requirements of families who do not qualify for government assistance.

Our Vision

Here to Serve envisions people inspired and mobilized to carry each other’s burdens during times of crisis, where guidance and assistance is offered freely by people and organizations that collaborate to compassionately respond to those navigating life-threatening health crises. We seek to demystify the plethora of service organizations and to make them easily accessible, thereby easing the journey of those in medical crisis.

Our Services

Our services begin at the moment of crisis when doing research into options is the hardest to accomplish and handling basic human needs of self and family are the most challenging.  Here to Serve acts as an intercessor and navigator demystifying the plethora of nonprofit, health care, professional, and business services available.  We mobilize a support community to assist with meals, running errands, child care, grocery shopping, household chores, yard work, caring for pets and transportation. 

Support continues for a period of six months, after which a reassessment is conducted to determine continuation, reduction, or conclusion of services.