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Volunteers are our heart and soul. Offer your time and talent! Contact us to get the help you, your friend, or loved one needs! Your financial support allows us to help families in crisis. Donate TODAY!

What We Do And Why We Do It!

Here to Serve, a 501 (c) (3) charity dedicated to collaboration and cooperation with the community, provides caregivers and their families non-medical support through a life-threatening health crisis with a loved one. Inspired by the medical trials in her own family, Founder Kathleen Quintas started Here to Serve to mobilize volunteers, businesses, corporations, and other nonprofit organizations to provide targeted care to families with children at home who have either a critically ill child or a parent going through a life-and-death medical crisis. Many caregivers don't realize the challenges they will likely face when they start this journey...emotional, financial, physical, psychological and sometimes spiritual.

The support offered at the start of the journey, lulls many families to believe they will get through the medical crisis with the help of friends. But these journeys can last a long time and even the most well-intentioned family members and friends get overwhelmed with the sheer magnitude and length of the journey and support often wanes. Here to Serve operates best at the beginning of the crisis mobilizing and organizing people and resources to remain engaged throughout journey; all this without overwhelming the caregiver or a friend(s) or family member(s). Watch the NBC TV segment about Here to Serve to learn more about ways we help.

2017 Fundraiser - Walk/Run/Ride

Support Here to Serve so we can help more families by registering for our first Annual Walk/Run or Ride! You can do this Walk/Run or Ride anywhere, anytime through the months of February and March. For every $4,000 raised, Here to Serve can help one more family as they take a child or young parent through a life-and-death health crisis.  You set your pace, timing and goal over the next month.  Then, through your Peer-to-Peer fundraising page, ask friends and family to support your run/walk or ride with donations benefiting Here to Serve. 


How To Participate


Register: Click here to register for the campaign. Select your personal walk/run or ride goal and fundraising target and then create your own personal Peer-to-Peer fundraising page.


Share: Share your fundraising page link on social media, email your friends & family, talk to your employers about matching the donations. (You'll receive this Peer-to-Peer fundraising page upon completing your registration.)


Walk/Run/Ride: Track your miles anywhere & anytime on the (free) Charity Footprints mobile apps: Available on iOS Or Android.



Would Rather NOT Run/Walk or Ride? Sponsor Katie Quintas, Founder - Simply visit: and click on the red “Donate Now” button to sponsor my 25-mile ride.

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In Memory of

Silvio Quintas and Dr. Philip Carlson

Silvio QuintasSilvio Quintas
Dr. Philip CarlsonDr. Philip Carlson

Gone too soon but in our hearts forever! In memory of these two incredible men whose lives and hard work made Here to Serve a reality, we dedicate our organization’s efforts going forward to make Here to Serve a self-sustaining, vital organization that supports families in medical crisis in practical ways. Both Sil and Phil were instrumental in Here to Serve coming into being. Silvio Quintas was a co-founder along with Katie Quintas and Dr. Philip Carlson was our first founding board member. Both were lost to complications of cancer, Silvio in 2014 and Phil in 2015, but not before making a tremendous impact on Here to Serve.